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"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know what an absolutely lovely holiday we had in Bequia. Windsong was everything we hoped it would be ... and more! And although we did not see Patricia much, the result of her presence was more than evident. Thank you all for helping to make our week so special, and I look forward to visiting Bequia again ... sooner rather than later!" S Stears, Barbados April 2009

"Dear Meg and Sarah, we moved into Windsong yesterday and it is perfect for us. Thank you so much for your hard work at getting us transferred here. We are very pleased with the house.

The kitchen is very well appointed, the towels and linens are perfect, the atmosphere is cheerful, Patricia and Victor are very nice and friendly."

Russell K & Family
July 2011

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"Views to die for."
This stunning 3 bedroom 3 bathroom villa, set in beautifully kept lush gardens, has amazing views over 2 beautiful bays on the Atlantic coast of Bequia. The 2 pools are bathed in sunshine from dawn, with a covered shaded area to sit a sip cocktails.

The villa great wrap around balcony to sit a view islands on the horizon. Loved the open plan large kitchen/dinning lounge area which can be opened out onto the spacious balcony, where outside dinning is a must.

All the bedrooms are done out in cool white's with splashes of colour, with vaulted ceiling, extremely comfy beds, and fabulous bathrooms. Patricia the house keeper was great, she cooked for us, kept the place spotlessly clean and was happy to accommodate your needs. We would not only recommend this amazing place to family and friends but hope to return to this stunningly beautiful rustic island again soon.
Linda Brown & family UK
Dec 2014

"Hello Angel and the Grenadines Collection team, We enjoyed our stay in Windsong and Bequia...we wish we could come visit you every year. When we are again able to visit you, we will get in touch. Thank you all for your excellent service. We were well taken care of and our needs were well met. Our memories of Bequia, Windsong Villa and the Grenadines are beautiful!"
Hightower , USA - March 2010

"Wow, what a holiday! We haven't stopped thinking of it since... its snowing here, icy and cold. We will be back, as soon as we can! We LOVED the Windsong, I have never been so happy with a holiday in all my life. "
Patricia Klein & family UK
Dec 2009

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know what an absolutely lovely holiday we had in Bequia. Windsong was everything we hoped it would be ... and more! And although we did not see Patricia much, the result of her presence was more than evident. Thank you all for helping to make our week so special, and I look forward to visiting Bequia again ... sooner rather than later!"
Best regards,
Sassie 2009

"We are now in FREEZING London and already missing Bequia. We had a lovely time, thank you very much, and have to say the house and Patricia were both great - we had a rest - exactly what the doctor ordered!"
Lynne Pemberton & Robin Morgan
December 2008

"We had a truly fantastic holiday and I have been telling everyone about it. Seeing the fireflies on the veranda at night was magical. The house was absolutely perfect for our needs - if I were you I would be marketing its toddler friendliness a lot more - I can't believe many houses would be as good on banisters, and easy steps, and the fenced off pool. Knowing he was safe and could potter about, meant we could relax, and relax we did! It was just perfect And the weather was really fantastic. It rained hard at night, but was dry in the day, hot - but not uncomfortably so, with the lovely breeze.

The plunge pool was a Godsend. We were all in it several times a day, and Wilf learnt to swim (albeit with a noodle under each arm) by the end of the holiday. The weather meant snorkelling was especially good - very clear water, and very calm. Such an abundance of things to see straight off the shore, especially at Lower Bay. We couldn't get over having the wonderful beaches to ourselves. No beach vendors, and most days no one else either! When there were tourists, they were people over from St Vincent, rather than Europeans, and so very friendly. The downside of the beaches being empty was that the beach bars were closed, but that didn't matter much.

The house and gardens were beautiful, and we loved the location. Such amazing views, and having toured around the island, couldn't find a location to beat it. And the garden was in full bloom - so a lovely time to see it. Vernon was lovely - man does he work hard in the heat of the day! The kitchen was fantastic - really brilliantly equipped. And knowing the ice was filtered and good was great. If I was being really picky it would have been nice to have some highball glasses or tumblers made of glass, rather than them all being plastic. Also, if there'd have been a broom or mop to hand, I would have had a little clean around the kitchen rather than leaving such a horror for Patricia. But I'm being picky - it really was a tremendously well equipped kitchen and lovely to cook in. We couldn't get the DVD player to work, but that didn't matter much to us. It took a day or two to get the hang of the food shopping. It was useful to know that just because a shop was empty didn't mean it wouldn't be full the next! We also took our shopping bags (and your cool bag) to St Vincent (Patricia's top tip!) and did a big food shop there, which was fun. We felt almost like locals tottering back to the boat with breadfruits balanced on our heads.

The bottle wholesaler in town was a great find - loads cheaper than the supermarket, and a crate of beer and tonic water, with the very cheap gin we got in duty free in Barbados, sorted us out! It'd be worth pointing guests in the direction of the wholesaler. We got to know the guys in the fruit and veg market very well too - the hard sell disappeared after the first visit, and it was fun to go down there. I guess that's the nice thing about being in one place for a while. Noel was great - and the jeep just perfect for the hill up to the house and pottering around. We loved how relaxed he was about the car hire - no paperwork at all and we even had to call him on the last day to ask him what he wanted us to do with the car and to remind him we had some money for him. His wife met us en route to the airport, and we handed the money over - (she didn't count it!) and we left the keys under the mat at the airport! It summed up the Bequia people and experience brilliantly."
AD, Cheltenham, England
August 2008

“Another wonderful 15 days, the place is looking as lovely as ever, even though there hasn’t been much rain. We had a great day at St Vincent yesterday at the carnival such colors.”
BS & DS, Bristol, United Kingdom
July 2008

"Wonderful place for a honeymoon - can't wait to come back."
Gwion & Lowri ap Risiart, United Kingdom
May 2008

"Gorgeous place- really enjoyed our stay. Villa beautiful and everything we could have hoped for."
Jenny, Nick, Clarrisa & Eddie, London, United Kingdom
Feb 2008

“Windsong is a delightful home in the hills with all the facilitiesone could want . Bequia is a delightful Island. The people are friendly and always have a smile. We were at peace here it was just what we needed. A great place to work too, from 6-11 hours. We were looked after very well by Patricia, the gardener is the best on the Island..”
M W-S & C W-S
January 2008

"4th trip to Bequia, 3rd time here!! Much needed re-charge time..."
William & Kathy Johnson, New Mexico, USA
January 2008

“Smashing place to stay on our honeymoon world tour. Relax so much we forgot the date. Patricia and Noel are superb and looked after us very well. We hope to come back to this friendly `island.”
M & K
October 2007

“This place is beautiful. We liked waking up in the master bedroom with the stunning view...and diving was also fantastic this year - Cathy James and DiDi find everything; Sea horses shark rays and turtles. “
G & H
July 2007

“Had a wonderful vacation. Villa is wonderful. View magnificent!”
The MD & T families, Jamaica
August 2006

“The place was great. What a view! Great place for our wedding.”
LM & RN, Holt, USA
July 2006

“Thanks to everyone who makes Windsong a paradise and a home. - We’ll be back.”
The K family, Wicklow, Ireland
July 2006

“Thank you so very much for the lovely memory. Thank you Patricia for the wonderful meals.”
AD & JD, Chicago, USA
June 2006

“A little piece of heaven fell in this spot. Treasured memories will be the moon rising over the ocean, the sun rising over the hill top and the sound of birdsong."
BH & SH, Tilehurst, England
May 2006

“Mum and Dad fell in love with Bequia 6 years ago. We fell in love with it last year, so much so that we came back and got married on board the Friendship Rose… Perfect! We could not have chosen a more amazing place for our honeymoon than here at Windsong. We look forward to returning soon!”
LS & VS, Berkshire, England
April 2006

“Sheer magic. Patricia delightful. First visit to Bequia ‘on land’ – not sailing. Can’t wait to return.”
RB & JB, East Sussex, England
March 2006

“It was a wonderful, beautiful, relaxing trip. The Villa and the staff are outstanding.”
CW & EW, Lorgimont, USA
February 2006

“Fab Villa, fantastic views. Villa has all that is needed. People are so friendly. Great food and lovely beaches. We will be back.”
The W & S families, Sutton Coldfield, England
January 2006

“A magnificent villa on an enchanted island. I love the beauty and the peacefulness of the place. Big thank you to Patricia and Vernon for a friendly welcome”
DR, London, England
December 2005

“This house is absolutely magnificent!”
The W family, Buffalo, USA
November 2005

“Absolutely Beautiful! A wonderful thanksgiving week with the family. What a place to relax. Natural beauty at its best. Hope to be back soon.Special thanks to Patricia for a great thanksgiving and being so openly friendly.”
AS, Chicago, USA
November 2005

“Absolutely wonderful experience! This house is gorgeous and peaceful. We felt completely at home. Would love to come again."
JS & SL, Nevis, USA
November 2005

“A wonderful island and a lovely house. The perfect place to decompress and turning 50!”
PC & BL, New York, USA
October 2005

“This has been the most relaxing vacation! What a way to turn 50! Best Birthday ever.”
RW & JP, Washington DC, USA
October 2005

“What a wonderful place for a honeymoon! We had a lovely week. This place is incredible.”
MH-L & MH-L, London, England
October 2005

“Most fantastic villa. We were all really impressed.”
KMcH & PMcH, LB, BL, England
June 2005

“Our second visit in 2 years. We love the place and plan to come back for a 3rd.”
PL & JL, Shelburne, USA
February 2005

"What a fabulous 60th birthday. Bequia is gorgeous! We loved everything about it. Fantastic house - will be back."
HH & CH, Lunchburg, USA
January 2005